Utah Family Photographer – Cavender Family

Oh my heck, this family is the best! We had so much fun playing in the fields and blowing dandelions. Michelle is also an amazing photographer! I love being able to take photos of families. I would do it every day if I could.

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Fall Sale – Last Day

Today is the last day to book for my Fall Sale! You have until midnight tonight to either call or text me at 801.856.6370 or email me at heatherhowardphoto@gmail.com to book your sale. All you need to do is book and we’ll set up a day that would work best.

Figure 8 Race – Jackson Hole, WY

This summer, Evan and I spent most weekends in Jackson Hole. It was the best experience. We were able to do so many fun things like running the river in a duckie kayak, stand up paddle boarding, hiking, biking. It was so rad! We went to the figure 8 race while we were there. The first time I had been to one and it was awesome! I’m so happy we were able to have such a fun summer!

To view all of the images, you can look on my proofing site.

Will Taggart - Awesome photos!

heatherhoward - Thanks Will!