Southern Utah Photographer – Zion’s National Park

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I grew up in Utah and went to Zion’s all the time growing up. And I went to college at Dixie my first 2 years and was only an hour or so away from Zion’s. I always thought it was really pretty and cool, but didn’t really get why people from all over the world made such a big deal about going there. This time we went, Evan and I decided to act like we were tourists and take the bus and go to the visitors center and hike Angles Landing. Neither of us had done Angel’s Landing before and it was so worth it. It was so amazing! Evan was a little afraid for his life. Mostly because there were so many people. It was like being in the subway in New York, there were so many people. It took a while to do the section that you hold onto chains to get to the top. But as soon as we got there, I couldn’t believe the view. It’s spectacular! We saw Zion in a whole new way. And now I can see why people make such a big deal about Zion’s.

Utah Portrait Photographer – Sadie

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My beautiful niece on her 16th birthday. I can’t believe you are 16 Sadie. I remember when you came to my drill team meets in high school when you were a baby. You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. xoxo


Myndie - Love these and this girl! You are so talented heather!!

Utah Photographer – Eureka, UT

Eureka is Rad! And that couple, Max and Afton were so awesome! They’ve been married for 50 years and lived in Eureka most of their life. I fell more in love with Eureka because of the amazing stories they told us! Can’t wait to go back!